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The Sermon Jesus Preached on Life

In the Book of John, Jesus preached several sermons on life. Jesus came to give us life and life more abundant. The Apostle John through the Holy Spirit gives us these sermons Jesus preached to the people. John had the revelation of God as light and life.          

        Let us start in John 5:24-29; In this sermon Jesus preaches on the source of life. Here He is talking about God’s life “zoe” everlasting life. V24 “He who hears my word and believes in Him who sent me has everlasting life…” but has passed from death into life.” V26- “The Father has (“zoe”) life in Himself, so He has granted the Son to have life in Himself.” His dependence upon His Father for his life. “To have life in oneself means to have God’s life (zoe) as a secure possession that cannot be taken away. God is the source of life and now He has confessed that life to His Son to give to others that believe upon Him.V29 He talks about the resurrection of the dead, some to life others to condemnation. Two resurrections as we compare this to John’s letter to the churches in I John we can see Jesus as life. I John 5:11-13. Next we come to “Jesus as the Bread of Life” sermon. John 6:32-33. “For the Bread of God is He who comes down from heaven and gives life to the world.” V35- “I am the Bread of life, He who comes to me shall never hunger and he who believes in me shall never thirst.” V47-48 “Most assuredly I say to you, he who believes in me has everlasting life.” “I am the Bread of life.”          

        Here is the first of seven “I am” pronouncements to the Jews:

            1.     I am the Bread of Life

            2.     I am the Light of the world

            3.     I am the Gate for the sheep

            4.     I am the good Shepherd

            5.     I am the resurrection and the life

            6.     I am the way the truth and the life

            7.     I am the true vine

        Let us look at verse 39-40, this is a sketch of the whole plan of salvation in John’s Gospel. God’s will for Jesus is that people be saved. “That of all He has given I should lose nothing.” That everyone who looks upon the Son and believes in Him may have everlasting life. And I will raise him up at the last day. You see, the Father will see to it that these are kept safe. “They are the Father’s gift to Jesus His Son.” Then Jesus in V51 connects this Bread to His own death. “If anyone eats this Bread we will live forever and the bread that I shall give is my own flesh, which I shall give for the life of the world.” V53 this verse is a culture shock to the Jewish hearers. Eat flesh, Drink blood- NEVER!!!!- This was a new concept. He was speaking of the Day when He would make a New Covenant, and we do the “Lord’s supper” in remembrance of that Covenant. V57 “I live because of the Father, so he who feeds on me will live because of me.” (Jesus loses some followers due to this sermon His brothers.          

        The third sermon is the Water of Life Sermon John 7:37-39. On the last day of the Great Feast (Feast of Tabernacles) Jesus said, “If anyone thirsts let him come to me and drink.” V38- “Whoever believes in me, as the scripture has said, out of his heart will flow rivers of living water.” Compare this to John 4:14, the woman at the well. V39. But this He spoke concerning the Spirit whom those believing in Him would receive for the Holy Spirit was not yet given because Jesus was not yet glorified. Let us look at the promise of the Father- Joel 2:28-29. The promise of the Holy Spirit. John 16:7 “it is to your advantage that I go away for if I do not go away the “Helper” will not come, but if I go away I will send Him to you.” Revelation 22:17 Come! And let Him who thirsts come whoever desires let Him take the water of life freely.”

        The fourth sermon is The Light of Life John 8:12. “I am the Light of the world. He who follows me shall not walk in darkness, but have the light of life.” John writes “1:4” In Him (Jesus) was life (Zoe) and the life (Zoe) was the light of man.” V5 “and the light shines in the darkness and the darkness did not comprehend it.” In John 9:5 Jesus was talking to the blind man who said “as long as I am in the world, I am the light of the world.” Again in John 12:46 “I have come as a light into the world, that whoever believes in me should not abide in darkness.”

        Jesus came into a dark spiritual world that Isaiah the prophet prophesied. Isaiah 60:2-3 “For behold the darkness shall cover the earth and deep darkness the people; But the Lord will arise over you. And His glory will be seen upon you. V3 “The Gentiles shall come to the light and kings to the brightness of your rising.” 

        Jesus the light of life became a light in darkness. He set people free and delivered them out of the spiritual darkness they were in through the law and gave the people light and hope and salvation through faith in Him.

        I John 1:5 “For God is light and in Him there is no darkness at all.” Jesus came to bring light but many rejected the light because they loved darkness John 3:19-21.

        In John 9:7 Jesus gave light to a blind man, Jesus brought light to this man, physically and spiritual illumination. Jesus the God-man gave him light. In Matthew 5:14 says that we believers are now the light of the world we are the reflected light of Jesus Christ. V16 “Let your light shine before men…” In I Thessalonians 5:5 “you are sons of light and sons of the day. We are not of the night or of darkness. This is in reference to the Holy Spirit giving us revelation and light to discern the day and times we live in.

            The fifth sermon is: 2) The Shepherd of Life John 10:7-11

        Jesus tells the hearers that He is the door or gate of the sheep. He is the only way to salvation. Others came before Him but they were thieves and robbers. V11 “I am the good Shepherd. The good Shepherd gives His life for the sheep.” V17 He lays His life down for His sheep. V28-29 “And I gave them eternal life, they shall never perish neither shall anyone snatch them out of my hand.” My sheep know Me and they follow Me.                   

            The sixth sermon is 3) The way, the truth and the life John 14:2-3         

        In John Chapter 14, Jesus talks about going back to heaven. In V2-3 He tells of mansions in heaven and going away but then coming back to get all believers.           V5 Thomas ask Jesus “Lord we do not know where you are going how can we know the way? Jesus’ answer is that He is the way to heaven. Jesus is going back to the Father’s house.          

        V6 He says “I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” Jesus says again that He is the “only way” to heaven. Today, many say there are many ways to God the Father but that is a lie.          

        In Matthew 7:13-14 Jesus makes the point of being the gate or door or way to God the Father. It is narrow. But broad is the way to destruction and many go this way. But few go the way of life-eternal life. Jesus is the only way to the Father and eternal life.          

        All of these sermons Jesus preached on life. He is the source of Life, the Bread of Life, the Water of life, the Light of Life, the Shepherd of Life, and the way the truth and the Life. He gives eternal life to those who will believe upon His name by faith and accept Him into their hearts. Amen.